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In this study, it was intended to determine the usage possibilites of some alpine plant species having high potential value as ornamental plants for landscape planning in Erzurum and environs. The investigation was conducted in 15 locations of 1750-3176 m altitudes between May 1997 and September 1998. In the study, direct plant observation methods were employed as well as floristic plant analysis. The results showed that 166 alpine plant species were found belonging 32 families and useful for landscape planning. Among these plant species 14 for water gardens, 20 for roof and terrace gardens, 32 for dry wall and rock gardens, 34 for landscape restoration works, 42 for motorway and highway planting, 41 for groundcover and 45 parterres and plant boxes can be used.


alpine plants, landscape planning, plant usage, Erzurum

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