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This research was realized to study the morphological characteristics of 3-0 years old seedlings, obtained from seeds, which were collected from 22 Lebanon cedar seed stands. The seedlings were grown at the Nursery of the Black Sea Technical University. Seedling morphological properties were studied including height, root-collar diameter, number of branches, the length of the longest branch, and fresh and dry weights of root, stem, and seedlings. Means of these properties were found to be 20.8 cm for height, 4.1 mm for root-collar diameter, 7.1 for number of branches, 7.2 cm for the length of the longest branch, 3.6 g for root fresh weight, 8.4 g for stem fresh weight, 12.0 g for seedling fresh weight, 1.8 g for root dry weight, 3.7 g for stem dry weight and 5.5 g for seedling dry weight. Correlation analyses on these properties showed a statistically significant positive relationship, and variance analyses on seedlings of different provenances showed differences in height, root collar diameter, the number of branches and the size of these branches. The results indicated that seedlings originating from Antalya-Y.Alakır, Konya-Ermenek2, Isparta-Belceğiz1, Muğla-Arpacık and Adana-Pozanti can be grown in the nursery, for plantation in the Black Sea region.


Cedrus libani, Provenance, Seedling, Nursery, Morphological properties

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