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This research was carried out to determine the cytological characteristics of 5 grass pea lines (numbers 452, 439, 455, 463 and 38) selected as being promising for the conditions of Tokat, from 13 lines originating from ICARDA. All of the lines studied had a chromosome number of 2n=14. It was determined that all chromosomes II and V of lines 439 and 455 carried 1 satellite on their short arms and chromosomes II and VI of the line 452 and the chromosomes II and IV of line 463 also had a satellite on their short arms. The satellites were longer than the short arms of the related chromosomes they were found on. It was observed that none of the chromosomes of line 38 carried any satellite.


Lathyrus sativus L., line, karyogram, idiogram, grass pea.

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