Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




Under salinity stress, growth and variations in proline, Na, Cl, P and K concentrations of three chickpea varieties (Canitez- 87, ILC-195/2 and Damla), which are cultivated widely in Turkey, were investigated. For this purpose, experimental soil was salinized with 68 mmol kg ^{-1}NaCl. The salinity responses of chickpea varieties were compared by means of various plant parameters. According to the results, Damla was affected by salinity stress much more than Canitez-87 and ILC-195/2 cultivars. However, under salinity stress, the dry weight of the Damla variety was influenced much less than the others. Sodium and Cl contents were generally found to be lower than those of the others. Proline, Na, Cl and P concentrations of all varieties were increased, and the K concentration was decreased.

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