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The effects of press direction, wood and glue types on the tensile strength on "T" joints with mortise and tenon. Mortises and tenons were constructed and opened with a circular saw and glued to "T" joint members made of pine ( Pinus silvestris L.) , beech ( Fagus orientalis L.), chesnut ( Castenea sativa Mill.), cedar ( Cedrus libani), which are widely used in the furniture industry. "T" joints were bonded with side pressure and axial pressure with the following glues: Desmodur-VTKA, PVAc, PVA(pink) and Kleiberit 305. Tension tests were carried out on prepared samples according to DIN 53251 and DIN 53254. It was determined that the highest tensile strength was obtained with the side-pressure-bonded wood of beech and PVAc glue, and the lowest tensile strength was obtained with the axial-pressure-bonded wood of beech and D-VTKA glue.


T joint with mortise and tenon, Wood glues, Wood material, Tensile strength

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