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The most beneficial and appropriate method for sludge resulting from food industry waste water treatment is composting with various kinds of bulking agents. During composting, the organic material in the sludge is degraded to a humus-like material that makes an excellent soil conditioner. In this investigation, sludge from yeast manifactured in the Pakmaya-D.zce Plant was composted with peat moss and corn stalk chips and used as plant growing media in containers. According to the results obtained from the investigation; 2 parts composted corn stalk chips with sludge + 1 part sandy loam soil and 20 % agricultural perlite mixture gave the best growth for garden flowers (Tagetes patula Carolus Linnaeus, Tagetes eracta Carolus Linnaeus, Zinnia elegans Nicolaus Joseph Jacquin, Malcolmia maritima Carolus Linnaeus).total rains.


Sludge, Plant propagation

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