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The suitability was determined of Kazova Agricultural Farm soils for land utilization types, both those in use and those with a potential for use. Simple Limitation and Şenol Land Evaluation Methods were used. The results from the Simple Limitation Method showed that the Yeşilırmak and Eğertepe series are permanently unsuitable and the Mera series is currently unsuitable for all of the determined land utilization types. While the çaylı and Obalar series are marginally suitable for the land utilization types, the İşletme series is moderately suitable. The Yol series, which has soils with the lowest limitation of the farm soils, is highly suitable for wheat, and highly and moderately suitable for sunflower, maize and alfalfa. By the Şenol Land Evaluation Method, the suitability of 22 different land utilization types for the 23 land units was determined. The salty, alkaline and poor drainage phases of the Çaylı series and the shallow and very stony phases of the Eğertepe and İşletme series are unsuitable for most of the land utilization types. The Yol series and some phases of the İşletme series showed the highest suitability of all the land utilization types. When the two methods were compared according to these four land utilization types, it was seen that the same results were obtained in a ratio of about 39%.


Land Evaluation, Simple Limitation Method, Şenol Land Evaluation Method, Land Utilization Type, Land Unit.

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