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This research was conducted in the Small Fruits Implementation Area belonging to Çukurova University Agricultural Faculty Horticultural Department during the 1999 vegetation period. Nessy, Chester Thornless, Oregon Thornless and Jumbo blackberry cvs. were used. Pollen viability levels in these cultivars were determined by using TTC and FDA staining tests. In addition, the effects of 50, 100, 200 and 400 ppm concentrations of Ca(NO 3 ) 2 , MgSO 4 , KNO 3 and H 3 BO 3 on pollen germination were investigated. Pollen viability levels varied from 79.75 % (Oregon Thornless) to 91.94 % (Chester Thornless) in TTC, and 82.17 % (Oregon Thornless) to 93.15 % (Chester Thornless) in FDA. The effects of minerals on pollen germination were found to vary according to cultivars and doses.


Blackberry, pollen, TTC, FDA, pollen germination

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