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The aim of this study was to determine the effects of VA Mycorrhiza on P, Zn, Fe, Cu and Mn uptake by maize grown in alkaline and acid soils. For this purpose, maize was grown in sterilized alkaline and acid soils under greenhouse conditions by applying 100 \mug N g -1 (as urea) and 40 \mug K g -1 (as K 2 SO 4 ) as solution to the soils. 40 \mug P g -1 (as TSP) was added to the pots that P was applied to, and a mixture of Glomus etunicatumand Glomus intraradiceswas inoculated to the pots that VA Mycorrhiza was applied to. Application of VA Mycorrhiza and P increased the dry weight of maize in both soils with respect to the control. The mycorrhizal infection of roots was determined as 48.3 % and 68.3 % in alkaline and acid soils, respectively. Compared with the control, while inoculation with VA Mycorrhiza did not affect the P concentration of maize in alkaline soil, it increased the P concentration in acid soil. In contrast to P application, inoculation with VA Mycorrhiza increased the zinc concentration of maize in both soils. The Fe con- centration was not affected by applying VA Mycorrhiza and P. On the other hand, inoculation with VA Mycorrhiza led to an increase in Cu and Mn concentrations of the experimental plant in both soils.


VA-Mycorrhiza (Glomus etunicatumand Glomus intraradices), maize, P, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn concentrations

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