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In this research, the effects of cheese size and amount of brine on the salt absorption of white Pickled cheese were investigated. After manufacture, cheeses were portioned into sizes of 7x7x7±1 and 7x7x11±1 cm. Then these samples were salted for 5 hours in different brines of the same concentration (14 %) but in different amounts (s and 2s). These 4 different cheese samples (A, B, C, D) were packed in brine (14%) in cans which were suitable for each cheese size. Total dry matter, fat, total nitrogen, titratable acidity and pH value of raw milk and salt contents of the cheese and brine samples after ripening periods of 0., 15. and 30. days were determined. Salt contents of cheese samples in two different sizes (salted in different amounts of brine) increased during storage. Salt was absorbed very rapidly during the first 15 days of ripening but then it slowed down. In statistical analyses, it was determined that salt absorption varied according to cheese size. This variation was found to be significant in the center (p


White Cheese, Brine, Block Size.

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