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The intensive growing areas of Karabaş lavender were first determined in the province of Hatay. The rooting capabilities of the cuttings of Karabaş Lavender which were gathered from different locations, one (Işİklİ) on the coast of Mediterranean and the other one (Narlİca) near Antakya, were investigated. The cuttings were treated with 1 000, 2 000 and 4 000 ppm IBA doses and the cuttings with no IBA treatment were used as control. The effects of IBA on rooting were investigated. The rooting ratios of the cuttings gathered from Işİklİ were higher than those of the cuttings gathered from Narlİca. The hormone doses positively affected the rooting of cuttings gathered from both places, and the rooting ratios, the length of roots and the number of roots per cutting increased with the hormone doses. The highest rooting ratio (70%) was obtained from the cuttings gathered from Işİklİ, treated with 4000 ppm IBA dose.


Lavender, Lavandula stoechas L., IBA, cutting, rooting, propagation.

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