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In this study, Amasya Beyazi and Alphonse Lavallee grape cultivars were grafted on 5 BB (V. berlandieri x V. riparia) rootstock by chip-budding, cleft and omega cut manual grafting units under nursery conditions in 1996 and 1997. Grafts were made on the 15 th of May. One-year-old rooted rootstocks were used in the experiment. The highest graft take was obtained from chip-budding, 87.00% for Amasya Beyazi, and 82.50% for Alphonse Lavallee. The takes of cleft and omega cut grafts were 81.00% and 74.25% for Amasya Beyazi, and 79.75% and 74.50% for Alphonse Lavallee, respectively. The highest rate of grafted grapevines was also obtained from chip-budding, 54.19% and 61.50% for Amasya Beyazi and Alphonse Lavallee, respectively.


Grapevine, propagation, grafting, nursery.

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