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This study was conducted to determine nut growth and development in Sebin, Bilecik, 32B-18 and 170 B-16 walnut cultivars in 1997-1998. In the study, nut length, nut diameter, nut weight with hull, kernel weight, protein content of shell, kernel and hull, oil content of shell, ash content of shell, ash content of kernel and ash content of hull were determined in the period of fruit growth. The increase in the kernel weight was slower at the beginning of the growth period, while it was rapid between June and August. There was also a rapid development in the nut diameter and nut length from May to July. An irregularity was observed in the variation of protein content of the hull, shell and kernel. The oil content of the kernel was increased rapidly between June and September. The increase in the oil content of the kernel was rapid during the nut growth period from June to September.


Walnut, Juglans regia L., Nut development, Nut growth, nut quality.

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