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This research was carried out at the Experimental Field of the Department of Agronomy and Kenan Evren Research and Application Farm, Faculty of Agriculture, Ankara University during 1993-1995 in order to determine the effects of different irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer applications on the grain protein yield of common wheat. Bezostaja 1, Gerek 79 and Gün 91 cultivars were used. 0 mm ( S 0 ), 20 mm ( S 1 ) and 40 mm ( S 2 ) irrigation applications and also 4 kg/da ( N 1 ), 6 kg/da ( N 2 ) and 8 kg/da ( N 3 ) nitrogen doses were applied. Significant increases in grain protein yield were observed statistically in regard to exceeding nitrogen and irrigation applications at the end of the research. It was determined that protein yield was affected more by grain yield than protein content and the highest grain protein yield was obtained from cv. Gerek 79 because of the high grain yield and with N 3 (8 kg/da N) and S 2 (40 mm) irrigation applications.


Common wheat, Triticum aestivum L., nitrogen fertilization, irrigation, protein yield.

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