Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




The salt tolerance of eight barley genotypes and their 15 F1 hybrid populations were investigated in line x tester analysis for seedling traits in greenhouse and generative stage characteristics in saline fields. The data indicated that there was sufficient genetic variability among genotypes for salt tolerance in barley. The MENTA "S" genotype for general combining ability and Tokak 157/37 x ZARZA "S", Quantum x No.56000/MISC-233 and Kaya-7794 x ZARZA "S" crosses for specific combining ability had positive and significant estimates both in greenhouse and field conditions. It was determined that spike length, number of grain per spike, single spike yield, thousand kernel weight, root length, seedling emergence and shoot length to root length ratio traits were controlled by non-additive gene effects while plant height, spiklets per spike, shoot length, shoot fresh weight, root fresh weight and total dry weight traits were controlled by the additive gene effects with respect to salt tolerance in both environments.


Barley, Combining ability, Salt tolerance, Line x tester.

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