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In forest management, transportation is a rather difficult, expensive and time-consuming activity. Transportation of logs from the forest to the landings has been achieved in various ways. Log transportation with minimum losses of quality and quantity and with minimum damage to the environment is a crucial matter in Turkey. The operation research methods for log operations have not been used in Turkey. The aim of this study was to minimize the total cost during logging operations by linear programming. Thirteen different models were set up and solved for minimization of total cost. Model 4 constituted the minimum cost. The minimum cost was found to be $ 522.640. The losses of quantity were 2500 m 3 . The total cost which obtained from addition of minimized cost and cost of quantity losses was $ 808.980. The model which were minimized the cost of logging operations was found to be a combination of 4 % human power, 36 % forest tractor power and 60 % short distanced mobile cable yarder. Machine and human power resources were supplied more rationally through usage of linear programming in minimization of cost of logging operations. Forest Transport Plans must be constituted and usage of machine power arranged using these plans.


Kümbet Region, Linear Programming, Logging Operations, Transportation Costs, Minimization.

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