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In this study, eight strains from five different combinations improved for the South Marmara Region and two cultivars of bread wheat were used as the plant materials. The cultivars used in the experiment have been widely grown in this region. Some important agronomic traits of both cultivars and strains were determined in yield experiments lasting four years. Plant height, seed number and seed weight per spike, 1000-seed weight, seed yield and hectoliter weight were examined and compared with the control cultivars and strains of F 6 -F 9 generations. The results of the four-year research indicated that some strains, especially selected from the Kate-A-I x Momtchill combination had higher seed yields than those of the control cultivars. Hectoliter weights of the some strains were higher than those of the control cultivars. The lines numbered 9, 83 and 84 of the Kate-A-I x Momtchill combination were determined to be superior to the other lines and control cultivars in terms of yield and quality

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