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Boron tolerance of the following maize cultivars, Furio, Riogrande, Sele, DK 743, Helix, Missouri, Betor and Poker, was investigated. The experiment was carried out under greenhouse conditions. Boron was applied to the soil at 0, 10 and 30 mg kg -1 levels as H 3 BO 3 . Fresh and dry weights and B concentration and B uptake of the plants were determined at the end of the experiment. Boron tolerance of the corn cultivars was determined from the relationships between fresh and dry weights and B concentration and B uptake rates. According to the results, B tolerance of cultivars from high to low was as follows: Helix, Riogrande, Furio, Poker, Sele, Missouri, DK 743, Betor. In general, B concentrations of low tolerant cultivars were higher than those of high B tolerant cultivars.

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