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The effects of farmyard manure, tea waste, Portland cement, frisol, initial temporary transparent film cover, and fuel oil on soil stabilization were compared with the control soil on a tilled and loosened clay loam Fluvent soil in Ankara. Grass growth was observed in a two-year field experiment laid out as randomized-block experimental design with three replications, with monitoring of the changes pH in 0-40 cm depths, levels of percentage of water stable aggregates, penetration resistance (PR), infiltration, and moisture content. In addition, soil moisture retention characteristics (SMRC) curves were plotted, organic matter (OM) contents and hydraulic conductivities were determined at both initial stage and at the end of the experiment. The highest initial increase in OM content was determined in the tea waste plots, whereas fuel oil treatment yielded the highest content at the end of the experiment. All treatments, except for plastic covering, substantially improved both the available moisture capacity and moisture content retained. Those effects were maintained, gradually decreasing during the growing period. All treatments, especially Portland cement and frisol applications, increased the hydraulic conductivity of the soil appreciably. There was no evident effect of any treatment on the pH of the soil. Initial infiltration rate and infiltration capacity were increased by all treatments. Variability of moisture contents of the plots during the measurements prevented the detection of differences the penetration resistance if there was any. Grass growth was complete and uniform for all treatments, except frisol which had a retarding effect at the beginning. Two-year grass growing restored and significantly improved the OM content, parameters of SMRC, hydraulic conductivity, and infiltration capacity of the soil.


soil stabilization, aggregate stability, penetration resistance, infiltration, moisture retention characteristics curve, tea waste, frisol, fuel oil

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