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This research was carried out at the experimental plots of the Field Crops Department of Agriculture Faculty, Uludağ University, during 1994-1996. Thirteen strains of common wheat obtained from the Prof. Dr. Osman Tosun Gene Bank were used as parent material for seven combinations of hybridirazations. In the F 1 populations belonging to the abovementioned combinations, plant height, spike height, spikelet number per spike, kernel number and kernel weight per spike and 1000-kernel weight were determined and the hybrid vigor was calculated. Positive and significant differences varying among the combinations were found in the F 1 plants with higher values than the parent's average (heterosis) as well as in F 1 plants showing higher values than the superior parent (heterobeltiosis). Positive heterosis in 4 x 24 and 3 x 24 combinations and negative heterosis in the combination 225 x 161 were observed with regard to the all traits studied. Among the combinations the highest hybrid vigor value was obtained in the combination 4 x 24 with 80 % in kernel weight per spike.


Common wheat, agronomic traits, hybrid vigor.

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