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In this study, genotype x environment interactions and stability of seed yield and some components of the dry bean were determined. The trials were conducted in the provinces of Çarsamba, Bafra and Samsun for two years and in Ladik for one year. Five registered varieties (Sahin-90, Esk-855, Yunus-90, Karacasehir-90, Yalova-5), two indigenous varieties (Horoz , Yerli) and seven lines (2685, 2691, 2715, 2770, 123, ABA-58 ve WA-6780-8) at 7 locations were evaluated for GxE interactions, and for the stability parameters of regression coefficient and mean square of deviation from the regression. The efects of genotype, environment and GxE interactions on seed yield were higly significant. It was found that the Yunus-90, Esk-855, Yalova-5, Horoz, WA-6780-8 and Yerli genotypes were stabile for seed yield. The seed yields of these genotypes were 162.7-237.7 kg per decare. The average yields of the locations, except that of Samsun, were higher than that of Turkey.

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