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In this study, the effects of spiral grain on some physical properties of the Calabrian pine (Pinus brutia Ten.) wood were investigated. For this purpose, 17 sample trees with various spiral grain angles, were taken from the Çakirlar region, Antalya district. The selected trees were divided into five groups according to grain angles. Tests were carried out for oven dry density, density values in volume, shrinkage, fiber saturated point (FSP) and maximal moisture content. The results led to a number of conclusions; In general, density increased in relation to the spiral grain increase. Density (oven dry weight/green volume) increased after 15% spiral grain degree. There was a significant difference between groups in terms of the shrinkage in radial direction. Up to 20% spiral grain degree in tangential shrinkage, and up to 15% spiral grain in longitudinal shrinkage, there was no difference between the groups. FSP and maximal moisture content values decreased after 20% and 15% spiral grains, respectively.


Spiral grain, Physical properties, Calabrian pine.

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