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Anatolian chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) is one of Turkey's indigenous species including monumental forests and trees which are representative of the natural history; and, Isparta, is an area of Turkey with chestnut stands. There are two natural chestnut stands in Ayazmana and the Yenice and Dere districts within Isparta city. The stand located in the Yenice and Dere districts was investigated in the present study. This stand, occupying an area of 61 hectares, was located on the north side between a latitude of 37°44'54" - 37°45'19" north and a longitude of 30°31'47" - 30°32'54" east at 1090-1170 m elevation. The slope of the land ranged between 5 and 10%. Diameter of the crown, diameter at breast height (dbh), height and estimated age were measured in the monumental trees. In this natural stand 12 monumental trees were found. The magnificent tree had an estimated age of 230 years, 20 m height and 207 cm dbh. In addition, the tallest chestnut tree, height 33 m, found in the Lakes District of Turkey was also in the stand.

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