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In this study, carefully selected test materials were taken from calabrian pines growing naturally in Turkey. The aim of this research is was determine the morphological properties of the wood fiber of the Calabrian pine and the suitability of these properties for pulping. Twenty sample trees were collected from 5 different regions (Suçatı- Kahramanmaraş , Edremit - Balıkesir, Kemalpaşa - İzmir, Yılanlı - Muğla and Melli (Bucak) - Burdur) The test samples were taken from tree stems at a height of 2.30 m. In these tests, fibre length , fibre diameter, lumen dia and cell wall thickness were measured. The felting rate, elasticity coefficient, rigidity coefficient, Runkel classification, Muhlstep classification and F ratio were calculated from the wood fiber morphological properties and the effects of these properties on pulp strength properties were investigated. According to the results of this study, it was found that the Calabrian pine is quite suitable for pulping.

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