Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




In this experiment, the effects of the shoot tip source on the success of in vitro micrografting in grapevine were investigated. Shoot tip meristems of Kalecik karası, Emir, Uslu, Hafızali and Razakı grape cultivars were micrografted onto the seedlings of Kober 5 BB. Shoot tip meristems were excised from either in vivo (shoots from actively growing vine in the vineyard and shoots flushed from one year-old cuttings in the greenhouse) or in vitro (shoots obtained by shoot-tip culture in aseptic conditions) sources. Plantlets micrografted on top of the decapitated seedlings were cultured in solid MS medium for two months. Consequently, it was determined that the success of micrografting was affected by the shoot tip source and the highest values (40.9-68.2 %) were obtained from in vitro shoot tips. It was also observed that the shoot tip sources had no marked effect on the shoot and or development of the micrografted plants, although the success of grafting was influenced by shoot tip sources. Furthermore, the success of the micrografting varied between the cultivars.

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