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In order to determine the fertility of soil and nutritional status of strawberry plants grown in the districts of Anamur and silifke, 24 soil and 37 plant samples were collected and analysed. According to the results, 33% of Anamur soils showed high salinity. However, almost all the soils from Silifke showed a non-saline character. Organic matter deficiency was detected in 25% and 67% of the soils of Anamur and silifke, respectively. Approximately 10% of soils in Anamur showed nitrogen deficiency. Both of the districts have suffered available P deficiency, but it is more serious in Silifke. In Anamur, K deficiency was determined in 30% and Ca deficiency in 10% of the soils, and Zn deficiency was found to be particularly serious. Manganese deficiency was seen in the soils of both districts. Strawberry plants grown in these two districts have suffered deficiency of nutrients, especially, Ca, N, K, Mg, Cu and Mn. Calcium deficiency was observed at a rate of 21% in Anamur and 6% in Silifke. Of the plants grown in Anamur, 50% were found to suffer Cu deficiency. Zinc and Mn deficiency was observed at a rate of 5.3% and 5.6% in Anamur and Silifke, respectively.

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