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The aim of the study was to investigate the amount of the macro nutrients taken up from the soil by chrysanthemum plant which shows an increasing trend of plantation in the Antalya region. For this purpose, two cultivars of chrysanthemum plant, Yellow Delta, Cerise Delta, were grown in a plastic greenhouse of a grower, and samples from the plants, except seedlings, were taken 8 times at two weeks intervals. The amounts of the macro nutrients taken up by Yellow Delta and Cerise Delta from decare were calculated 14.86 kg N, 4.28 kg P_2O_5, 24.55 kg K_2O, 11.29 kg CaO, 2.47 kg MgO and 12.87 kg N, 3.13 kg P_2O_5, 21.28 kg K_2O, 12.96 kg CaO, 2.74 kg MgO respectvely. The highest amount of macro nutrients was taken up by the leaves and stems of the plants. The results obtained showed that ending of the fertilizer application after two months of plantation, which was the case in the greenhouses used, was a mistreatment, and the application of fertilizer should be carried out, at least, to the end of 3 months after plantation. Furthermore, in the application of fertilizers potassium should be given a special importance due to its highest amount compared to other nutrients taken by the plants.

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