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The aim of this study was the fertility analysis of soil and leaf samples collected from areas under ohlorotic and healty peach trees, and the determination of the periodical relationship between the soil properties and nutrition status of trees. The effects of soil moisture on the amounts of DTPA-extractable Fe, Cu, Zn and Mn in soil collected from these areas were also determined by incubation study. The plant and soil analysis conducted at two different stages of the growing season showed that the active Fe content of chlorotic peach leaves was low, and there was a significant negative relationship between the HCO_3 content of soil and the active Fe content of leaves. In general, the amounts of available nutrients in these soils were at satisfactory levels. Incubation study also revealed that the amount of DTPA-extractable Fe detected in soil samples while moist (on dry bases) was lower than that in air dry soil samples. Thus, the determination of available Fe amounts in air dry soil samples, especially calcareous ones, may yield misleading results.

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