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This study has been carried out to determine the bud fruitfulness (number of bunches/bud) according to their rank on the one year old cane of nine grape varieties grown in Amasya, in 1997 and 1998. For this aim, the first ten buds from base to the top of the cane were shooted under vineyard condition. It has been determined that the maximum bud fruitfulness (number of bunches/bud) differed between 2^nd and 4^th buds and the basal first bud of Antep, Asılasma, Bursa, Horozyüreği and Kızılsirke grape varieties has lower than one bunch. It was determine that the buds on 3^rd node of Tilkikuyruğu (2.4), 2^nd node of Aküzüm-I, Aküzüm-II and Bursa grape (1.9), 4^th node of Asılasma (1.9), 3^rd node of Horozyüreği (1.9), 2^nd node of Amasya Çavuşu and Kızılsirke (1.8) and 2^nd node of Antep grape (1.4) gave the highest bunch number. Bud fruitfulness was decrease along the upper buds on the cane. While the other varieties could be spur pruned as done commonly, Asılasma must be pruned cane and Tilkikuyruğu and Horozyüreği must be pruned spur has at least 3 nodes (buds) on bearing units, recommended.

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