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In this study, the test trees were taken from natural growth sites that calabrian pine grows optimally had been used as research material. The main aim of study is to determine cleavage strengh variation to find in different growing regions. Test trees of 20 in number were collected from 5 different regions (Suçatı - Kahramanmaraş, Edremit - Balıkesir, Kemalpaşa - İzmir, Yılanlı- Muğla, Melli (Bucak) - Burdur). Test samples were prepared from stem part of trees between at a hight of 2 and 4 meters. The effect of factors growing region on the cleavage strengh of trees was tested by using the varians analysis and Duncan test. The relation between cleavage strength and ovendry specific gravity was determined by using regresion analysis. The analyses showed that the cleavage strengh was effected significantly by the growing location. As a result of measurements, the avarage values of cleavage strength, ovendry specific gravity and late wood ratio has been determined as 5.4 kg/cm^2, 0.511 g/cm^3 and 23.09 %.

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