Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




The salinity resistance of eight maize varieties (Riogrande, PostKLF, Postkontrol, Alkantara, G-4662 Dracma, Tarım, Fanion and Kelty), which are cultivated widely in Turkey, was investigated. For this purpose, experimental soil was salinized with 68 mmol/kg NaCl. The salinity responses of the maize varieties were compared by means of various plant parameters. According to the results, Kelty, Post-KLF, Postkontrol and G-4662 Dracma were seen to be more susceptible to salinity than the others. Under salinity stress, the dry matter yield of those varieties was influenced much less than the others and the Na and Cl content was generally found to be lower than that of the others. The phosphorus and Mn content of all the varieties was hegher the K content was lower and the Fe, Cu and Zn content varied depending on the varieties.

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