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The purpose of this study was to investigate the possibilities of growing four vetch species (Common vetch, Narbonne vetch, Hairy vetch, Bitter vetch) with respect to seed and straw yield under the second crop conditions in the Antalya region. These species were planted in fall season, before the planting of the second crops. The experiments were set up in randomised complete block design with three replications for the years of 1993 and 1995. During the experiments, flowering days, seed and straw yields and harvesting dates of all the examined vetch species were determined. The results of the study showed that Narbonne vetch and Common vetch were earlier than the other species regarding the flowering. For the seed and straw yield, narbonne vetch, bitter vetch and common vetch were better than hairy vetch. It was observed that narbonne vetch, bitter vetch and common vetch were harvested earlier than hairy vetch. It is therefore concluded that hairy vetch can not compete with other vetch species in terms of seed and straw yield. In the study, particularly, narbonne vetch was found better than the other vetch species regarding the investigated characteristics and giving enough time for planting second crops.

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