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In this study perlite, volcanic tuff and peat moss media were investigated for their possible use in mushroom production in aquaculture between 1994-1995. In mushroom feeding studies, 2% sucrose medium was found to be the most suitable solution for mushroom mycelium growth. Among the 6 different media each containing 2% sucrose, the effect of different rates of micro and macro elements were studied and mycelium growth was investigated. The best liquid medium in relation to the highest dry weight of mycelium was the medium labelled No. 1 which consisted of 10^-3 mol/l of macro and 10^-6 mol/l of micro nutrient elements. In this study, mushroom production was achieved with perlite, volcanic tuff and peat moss media in aquaculture. This method was a new alternative for mushroom production and the results were found to be highly promising.

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