Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




This study was conducted on methods used in loading, unloading and stacking carried out in forests and forest depots in the western Black Sea region. The aims of this study were to compare methods in terms of time, cost and productivity, and to make suggestions on how these activities could be made more efficient. Time studies were conducted using human and mechanical force for loading, unloading and stacking operations in chosen sample working units, with continuously running chronometer. The results, according to analysis of time measurements, show that administration expenses canbe minimized by using Granab 4515, which has maximum loading productivity (19.807 m^3/h) in areas with annual loading capacities of over 8500 m^3, and Caterpillar 920, which has maximum stacking productivity (79.437 m^3/h), in areas with annual stacking capacities of over 148.000 m^3.

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