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This research was carried out in Kenan Evren Research and Application Farm of Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture. It was aimed that labour usage and determination of production cost in broiler farm in this research. Before fattening period, total 236 hour labour usage was determined for preparetions of fattening period. In addition labour usage was observed as total 446.21 hours and 9.3 hours per 100 chicken. 31% for feeding, 37.6% for irrigation, 12.4% for cleaning, 9.0% heating-ventilation and 9.2% for other studies of total labour was used during the production period. At the same time, the profit was calculated as 560 TL/Kg broiler farm. The cost of production per kg alive chicken was determined as 12440 TL. Feed (%57.03), chick (%24.39) and workmanship (%6.5) were observed as the most important expenses in the cost of production.

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