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Input-output Models are used for analysing inter - industry structure. These models show analitically the economic structure of a country and the relations of sectors with each other in a national economy. Furthermore, input-output models play an important role in solving such economic problems of sectors as production, income and employment. In this study, production, value added import, export and forward and backward linkages of the forestry sector in a national economy consisting of 64 sectors are calculated. In addition, production, income and employment multipliers are also examined. The main objective of this study is to make an economic analysis of the forestry sector and the determine the importance of the forestry sector. Inpuf-output analysis was chosen for this purpose At the same time, the data used in this study were obtained from the input-output tables, input coefficients matrix and inverse coefficients matrix were prepared by the State Institute of Statistics, Prime Ministr, Republic of Turkey for the years 1979, 1985 and 1990. This study showed that the production of the forestry sector had a small share in national production, that export and import in the forestry sector is minimal compared with national values, and that the total outputs of the forestry sector are used by other sectors as intermediate consumption. Because the value added of this sector is greater, it was concluded that the forestry sector could be used to decrease the unemployment rate and balance differences in people's income.

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