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The purpose of this study is to investigate the problems encountered in the irrigated and non-irrigated areas of Lower Seyhan Plain which coveres 213 200 ha land and has a great agricultural potential for Turkish economy. In the irrigated areas; it has been determined that actual cropping pattern is quite different from the proposed one, and irrigation ratio varied between 66 and 86 %. Although drainage problems still exist in 50 % of groundwater observation area, lands with groundwater salinity Ievels more than 5 000 \mumhos/cm cover only 4-5 % of these areas. Also, recently installed closed-conduit drains have improved drainage conditions slightly. While rivers running through the study area recharge the groundwater table in the rainy periods, main drainage canals provides sufficient drainage. Soil and water resources have been polluted by various pollutants, and agricultural areas have been encroached for non-agricultural purposes. In the non-irrigated areas, it has been determined that drainage problem areas have decreased approximately % 18. However, the amount of saline-alkaline and strongly saline-alkaline soils have increased 2.7 and 1.4 times, respectively.

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