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In this experiment, yield stabilty of 10 winter growth chickpea genotypes were investigated in Adana, Kahramanmaraş and Hatay Yayladağ. Experiments were located Çukurova University, Agricultural Faculty, Crop Science Department Experimental area in Adana, and farmers field in Kahramanmaraş and Hatay-Yayladağ. Chickpea variety that newly registered for winter crop ILC 482 (Güney Sarısı)), ILC-195, FLIP 85-14C (Menemen 92), FLIP 85-135C( Taşova 89) and promissing line FLIP 84-17C, FLIP 85-4C, FLIP 85-15C, FLIP 88-82C, FLIP 90-3C, FLIP 90-109C were used in experiments. Plants were sowed in fall and growth as winter crop. Yield data recorded from yield trials at Adana and Kahramanmaraş 1992-1993, 1993-1994 and Hatay-Yayladağ 1995-1996 growing seasons. Stability of yield was determined by using regression coefficients (b), coefficients of determination (R^2), deviation mean squares (Sd^2) from regression, stability varians and yield-stability index (YSi) in 5 environment. FLIP 85-15C and FLIP 84-14C were high mean in all environment. FLIP 85-14C had unity regression while FLIP 85-15C responsive to favoruable environment. ILC 482 produced the least in all enviroment and very sensitive to environmental changes.

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