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This study was performed to determine the connections resistance with dowel of some beech wood materials and board types used in furniture industry, which are bonded by polyvinyl acetat (PVAc) and polyurethane based (Desmodur-VTKA) glues. For this purpose, the tensile resistance was made with wood materials; scotch pine (Pinus silvestris L), oriental beech (Fagus orientalis lipsky) and oak (Quercus petraea spp.) using cross and radial section with polyurethane based glue, edges of particle or fiber boards processed and unprocessed with beech wood, polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) glue. At the result of experiments, it was obtained the highest tensile resistance, by cross section of the oriental beech (4,403 N/mm^2) and the processed with beech wood fiberboards edges (5,818 N/mm^2).

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