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This study was carried out in 1995 on Mahalep (Prunus mahaleb L.) seeds an important rootstock for sour cherry and sweetcherry trees. In this research, effects of seed coat removal, GA_3, H_2SO_4, preserved in cold and hot water, at 20 - 24ºC and 2 - 4 ºC, stratification in field on germination of mahaleb seeds were investigated. Fourteen different treatments were applied to seeds. The highest average germination was obtained by soaking the seeds removed coats for 24 hours in a solution of GA_3 at 1000 ppm + stratification for twelve weeks at 2 - 4ºC. While the seeds preserved at 20 - 24ºC or 2-4ºC with coats were not germination, the seeds removed coats + soaking 200, 500 or 1000 ppm GA3 showed germination begining of stratification, but the seeds with coat started to germinate after 56 days strafications in sand + perlit.

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