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In this study, carried out during 1992-1994, Aphonse Lavallee, Cardinal, Çavuş and Hafızali grape CVs were grafted on the Vitis berlandieri x Vitis riparia Kober 5BB and S04 rootstocks by omega and chip-budding grafting types under nursery conditions. The rootstock cuttings were planted into nursery plots in spring time and they were grafted on the August, 15; September, 15; October, 15 and November, 15; after the cuttings were fully rooted and had well-developed shoots. The shoot length and growth rate, number of roots and fresh root weight per vinegraft determined to the aim of establishing the effects of grafting time and types on the vinegraft quality. As a result, the vinegraft quality differed to the grape cultivars and it affected by the grafting time and types. The shoot length of the vinegraft was between 262.00 cm (Hafızali/S04-Chip budding- September, 15) and 184.33 cm (Çavuş/S04-Chip budding-September, 15). The Chip-budding grafts made on the September, 15 gave the highest shoot growth rate, fresh root weight and root number per plant. It was also determined that the September, 15 grafts increased the vinegraft quality. But omega graft made by hand operated grafting unit and can be use under nursery condition decreased the quality of the vinegraft.

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