Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




This research was conducted in Erzurum in 1991 and 1992 seasons using 14 spring oilseed rape ( Brassica napus ssp. oleifera L.) cultivars in order to investigate the relationships between yield and yield components by correlation and path analyses. Positive values were obtained in both seasons between seed yield and the characters: days to flowering, plant height, number of branch, number of pods per plant, number of seeds per pod, pod diameter, pod length, 1000-seed weight, and oil content. However, seed yield was significantly and positive correlated with only number of pod per plant and 1000-seed weight in both seasons. Relationship between oil content and protein content was negative. Path analysis identified 1000-seed weight as having the greatest effect on seed yield, with number of pods per plant having a large secondary effect.

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