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Mint oil demand is met by imports in Turkey. For this reason, this study was conducted to determine yields and essential oil contents and components of different Mentha piperita cultivars ( M. piperita Ucrainica, M. piperita Mitcham , M. piperita Bulgaristan 36, M. piperita Multimentha, M. piperita Prilubskaja-I) and Mentha species ( M. arvensis var. piperascens (L.), M. aquatica, M. spicata ssp. spicata) in Adana and Pozanti ecological conditions over two years. In Adana, they were harvested twice in the first year and once in the second year. In Pozanti, they were harvested once in both years. The total fresh herbage, dry herbage and dry leaf yields in Adana varied from 512.5-4053.8 kg/da, 116.5-1051.8 kg/da and 34.6-431.1 kg/da, respectively. M. piperita Bulgaristan 36 gave the highest herbage yield. In Pozanti, total yields were lower than those of Adana, fresh and dry herbage and dry leaf yields varied from 115.6-678.1, 57.6-322.5 and 17.0-133.0 kg/da, respectively. Essential oil contents varied between 1.57% and 6.29% and were higher than that of pharmacopoeia because of the high temperature, but only M. arvensis had the highest menthol contents (66.2 72.29%) in both years and locations. The menthol contents of Mentha piperita cultivars varied from 6.23% to 40.47%. The carvone content in oil of M. spicata ssp. spicata ranged from 39.38% to 69.41%.

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