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In this study, the viability, germination and tube growth of pollen from apricot ( Prunus armeniaca L.) (in five cultivars), sweet cherry ( Prunus avium L). (in four cultivars) and sour cherry ( Prunus cerasus L.) (in one cultivar) were investigated. Three stain tests (TTC, IKI and safranin) and two in vitrogermination tests (hanging drop and agar-plate) were used to estimate pollen viability and germination in these species. The viability, germination and tube growth of pollens varied significantly according to species, cultivars and tests. However, pollen viability in the safranin test was generally higher than in the others. The highest pollen germination was obtained with the 15% sucrose solution in the hanging drop and agar plate tests in all cultivars except Sekerpare. The pollen germination rates in this solution in hanging drop and agar-plate tests varied between 49.77-72.90% and 57.83-84.42% in apricot; 47.92-57.38% and 52.40-66.60% in sweet cherry and 49.16% and 53.82% in sour cherry, respectively. The pollen germination in the agar-plate method was higher than in the hanging drop method. The IKI stain test and pollen germination in apricot and sweet cherry were positively and significantly correlated (r=0.686 ** and r=0.704 * ). The highest length of pollen tube in sweet cherry and sour cherry was obtained in the agar plate test at 15% sucrose solution but it varied in apricot cultivars.


Apricot, sweet and sour cherry, pollen viability, germination, tube growth.

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