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This study was carried out on Palaz and Sivri hazelnut cultivars grown in central Ordu and the surrounding area. The interrelationships among husk length, nut length, nut width, nut height nut weight, shell thickness, kernel length, kernel width, kernel height, , kernel weight and percent kernel were determined using path analysis. From the path analysis, it was found that percent kernel in Palaz cultivar was affected by shell thickness (r=-0.419**) and husk length (r=-0.350**) according to nut weight; in Sivri cultivar, it was affected by nut length according to nut weight (r=-0.351**) and by kernel width according to kernel weight (r=0.324**). There were also negative effects on percent kernel from the other characteristics according to nut weight. The correlations of percent kernel-nut length, percent kernel-kernel width, percent kernel-kernel height and percent kernel-kernel weight in Palaz cultivar, and percent kernel-nut weight, percent kernel-kernel length and percent kernel-kernel height in Sivri cultivar were not significant.

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