Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




The combined effects of NaCl salinity and increasing rates of P on the Zn nutrition of pepper were studied. The applied P increased fruit yield in the absence of salinity, but decreased it in the presence of salinity. Fresh and dry weights of the plants were increased by the applied P and decreased by salinity. Both salinity and increasing levels of P (except 300 mg kg -1 ) decreased the Zn concentrations and Zn uptake of the plants. Zinc deficiency symptoms were observed at P levels of 300 and 500 mg kg -1 , a result which was more pronounced under saline conditions. Leaf P concentrations tended to increase with increasing P levels, to a greater extent under saline conditions. Salinity and increased levels of applied P increased the tissue Na concentrations. Salinity also increased the Cl concentrations of the plants.

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