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The objective of this research was to determine the effects of sodium hydroxide + hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide + calcium hydroxide + hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid applied on the scotch pine ( Pinus sylvestris L), oriental beech ( Fagus orientalis Lipsky), ash wood ( Froxinus excelsior L.) and oak ( Quercus petraea Mattu Liebl.) on the layer hardness of acrylic, synthetic, polyurethane and acid catalyzed varnish. Results indicated that in the natural varnishing effects of wood species on the layer hardness of varnish are unimportant but the effects of varnish types are important. In the varnishing, after bleaching the wood types, bleaching chemicals and their concentration and varnish kinds effected the layer hardness of varnish.


Bleaching on the wood, bleaching methods, sodium hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide, calcium peroxide, hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid and varnish.

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