Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




This study was carried out to determine important nut and kernel quality characteristics and variation in nut and kernel weight and kernel percentage in orchards of Palaz hazelnut cultivar in Ordu and nearby villages. Samples were selected at random from 36 orchards. It was determined that the nut weight, shell thickness, kernel weight and kernel percentage of this cultivar were 1.810-2.721 g, 0.610-0.970 mm, 0.988-1.431 g and 41.94-60.53%, respectively. Furthermore, certain nut characteristics were examined: nut length, nut width, nut height, kernel length, kernel width, kernel height, small nuts, blanks, poor fill, shirvelled kernels, doubles and good kernels. The coefficients of variation for nut weight, kernel weight and kernel percentage were10.79%, 8.35% and 5.68%, respectively.

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