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Wooden materials have been used for decoration and building element both indoors and outdoors. One of the most important problem in wood finishing has been that naturel appearence of wood and varnish coating couldn't be preserved sufficiently against outdoor effects. In this research, cellulosic, synthetic, acid catalyzed and polyurethan varnishes and synthetic opaque white paint was examined by using on the beech (Fagus orientalis L.), pine (Pinus silvestris L.), oak (Quercus petreae L.), castanea (Castanea sativa M.) wood panels. Experiments was conducted in Ankara. Beginning in 1993 a total of five experimental finishes on the four different panels have been under observation for 22 months with facing south at 45° angle. The test evaluated with considering difference of hardness. After 22 months outdoor effects increasing the hardness of experimental finishes except synthetic opaque white paint were seen. And the increasing value of synthetic varnish was found that higher than the others.

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