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In today's environment, all companies are facing increasing competitive pressures and they need to use different ways in order to deal with these pressures and survive. One of these ways is Total Quality Control (TQC). TQC links quality to customer satisfaction. The primary objective of this approach is to incorporate quality and integrity into all functions at all levels of the organization. Quality is an important competition way for existing of companies. The Companies that can not implement products fitness for use is falling in danger. Forest products industry have to interest in quality and establish their quality system. First of all to do is to evaluate conditions. The Forest Products Industry which has employed twenty five workers or more have been selected as a researc material. This study was carried out through the questionnaire practiced over thirty factories. Quality on the Karadeniz Region Forest Products Industry was obtained by inspecting the goods manufactured. The simple statistics quality control methods were used in the Karadeniz Forest Product Industry. It was found that quality control activities on the fiberboard and particleboard industry were more intensive and sistematic than others. In conclusion, the people charged with the administration and management of the factories in the research area generally are not aware of the concepts of Total Quality Management.

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